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Shared Services Develops Programs Best Offered Through Joint Collaboration

Our Shared Service strategy provides an organized approach to identifying services that can positively impact SHO hospitals by improving quality, increasing profitability, reducing expenses and/or improving operations.

This process includes researching and identifying Shared Service and expense reduction opportunities and outlining other relationships and/or competitors that may impact decisions.

Physician Recruitment and the Risk Retention Group are two examples of how Shared Services initiatives are benefiting SHO hospitals.

The benefit in providing a systematic process and oversight to Shared Services includes:

  • Portfolio of Shared Service ideas
  • Criteria developed to meet consistent benchmarks
  • Ability for joint purchasing
  • Collaboration to address healthcare challenges
  • Avoid duplication efforts by filtering ideas through a central location
  • Affinity groups to identify Shared Service initiatives that will strengthen hospital viability
  • Reduce hospital expenses