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Underwriting Discipline Will Help Control Losses

The Affiliated Physician Program (APP) has stringent underwriting criteria a physician must meet in order to be insured. Those standards will be enforced under the APP and will be continually enhanced as the business requires.

Underwriting Criteria - First Year
Physicians who satisfy the following eligibility criteria will be considered for participation.

The physician:

  • Must maintain a valid license to practice medicine in Indiana
  • Must be a member of the active, honorary active or emeritus staff of one or more hospital owners of SHO or part of an affiliated medical practice entity as described above;
  • Shall agree to actively support and participate in the Risk Management and Quality Assurance programs of SHO RRG;
  • Shall agree to joint defense of claims unless there is a conflict of interest;
  • Shall agree to the SHO RRG’s consent to settle philosophy which states that settlement authority remains with the physician through medical panel and reverts to SHO RRG if a negative panel decision is rendered.

With respect to the few physicians who may be part of an affiliated medical practice entity but do not have privileges at one of the SHO owner hospitals, they will be required to participate in a minimum of two (2) hours of Risk Management education every other year. The education must be offered or approved in advance by SHO RRG.

Underwriting Criteria – Renewal
Coverage will be renewed based upon evaluation criteria established by SHO RRG. The following will be taken into account:

  • Continued compliance with initial eligibility criteria;
  • Acceptable claims history;
  • Cooperation in the defense of claims;
  • Input from claims manager, defense counsel and hospital owners and/or designated partners;
  • Any change in licensure or privilege status within any healthcare facility; and
  • Other information which would bear upon the physician's skill and ethics of practice.

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If you are interested in learning more about how the SHO RRG can benefit your practice or would like to request a quote, please contact our office at 317.692.5222.